Angola: Meditech Firm Defends Information Technology Merged With Business


Every company interested in investing in the IT sector needs to incorporate it into their activity in order to better manage expenses and prevent failed expenditures.

This view was defended Monday here by Meditech group at the third Conference of Meditech-Data Centre, during which were examined among others, issues such as "data centre solutions", "Strategy (in terms of IT), data centre infrastructure and "data centre administration".

According to the information technology's manager, Hugo Recchimuzzi, who addressed the topic "Data centre solutions", any technological investment need to be aware on its importance for the companies' activity, that is technologies need to facilitate company's profitability.

During a session complemented by a micro-projector exhibition, participants from various companies, with emphasis on Sonangol, Angolan financial department, Armed Forces, expressed satisfaction at the event which enabled the clarification of some doubts about investment projects in terms of Information Technology sector.

Created in 1992, Meditech currently has branches in the provinces of Malange, Kwanza Sul and Benguela.