Kenya Turns to Phones for Internet Browsing


Nairobi — Most Kenyans are accessing the Internet through mobile phones as opposed to other primary means such as personal computers at work or home and Internet cafés.

A new research shows that 60 per cent of the people use their handsets compared to 29 per cent who use PCs at home, 33 per cent who use PCs at work or 41 per cent accessing the Internet in cyber cafés.

This presents a high potential for growth in the mobile internet business platform in Kenya for telecom services providers and marketers.

The Digital Life Survey launched by TNS Research International shows Kenyans online development path is radically different from any other markets.

Globally, 85 per cent of Internet users access it from PCs at home.

"Access through mobile is higher in emerging markets than developed markets; Kenya is a leading mobile internet market for volume of usage once adopted," said Ms Melissa Baker, TNS Research International CEO for East Africa.

Not surprising, the leading activities on mobile internet is social networking for 67 per cent of users and accessing emails by 54 per cent users.

The survey conducted globally showed brands are a subject of conversation in social networks. In Kenya, 91 per cent of social networkers are actively talking about brands in social media.