Econet Zimbabwe connects to SEACOM undersea fibre cable


Econet just announced some 3 milestones today. The first and most significant is that Econet has established a direct connection to the SEACOM undersea optic fibre cable in Durban and is ready to connect customers once given the green light by the regulatory authorities.

Econet explains that it has secured dedicated capacity on the SEACOM cable to cut out third party networks between itself and SEACOM. This will ensure end to end infrastructure reliability that Econet has been striving for in the construction of Zimbabwe’s largest optic fibre network yet.

Econet also disclosed to us that it anticipates to be given the green light by the regulators soon and is eager to get going with the high speed broadband service rollout.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of news this morning that state owned fixed telephone network operator, TelOne, has connected to the EASSy undersea fibre cable through Mozambique. Some coincidence hey.

Also announced in the release is that that Econet mobile subscribers have hit the 5 million mark. That’s almost half the entire population of Zimbabwe! Just 8 months ago in April, that number stood at 4 million. Econet Wireless CEO, Mr Douglas Mboweni says the “increase in the subscriber base has been made possible by the ongoing network expansion.”

On the Econet Broadband front Econet says the service has been received tremendously well, with no less than 400,000 subscribers now signed up for the 3 internet products on offer.

Like you, we hope that the optic fibre connection will see the Econet Broadband prices revised downwards significantly. Econet’s mobile internet is currently pegged at a price so dear subscribers have been calling for a revision downwards. Econet’s response has been that the “cost of any product or service will inevitably be determined by the level of investment a service provider puts into it” and that it has “to pay for back up satellite links”.

Will the latest development provide the much needed price reduction subscribers have been yearning for?