Internet News - In Brief


- Internet Solutions' AlwaysOn hotspots are available at 750 locations, including coffee shopsDimension Data division Internet Solutions (IS) is slashing the cost of accessing the Internet at its AlwaysOn Wi-Fi hotspots.The cost of 3GB-plus accounts has been cut to 8c/MB. 1GB accounts will cost an effective 18c/MB.Consumers can expect to pay around 17c/MB-19c/MB for large data bundles from MTN and Vodacom.IS’s AlwaysOn hotspots can be accessed at all major SA airports, at about 80% of the country’s key hotels and at many restaurants and coffee shops.

-Using latest GPS technology that captures and analyzes earth data, a group of 18 secondary school students successfully collected statistical data from 444 households in Kigali City, which is expected to be useful in the country's next census.

- Following Tuesday’s post about TelOne’s connection to the Mozambican fibre cable, there have been some questions about a statement in the story that Africom has already connected to the TDM fibre cable in Mozambique.

- Nairobi — Problems of poor network coverage in remote parts of the country may be a thing of the past if a plan by the government is successful.The government plans to set up a fund that will be focused on ensuring better internet and telephone network coverage in the areas.The fund to be set up under the Universal Service/Access Funds (USF) model will involve operators contributing a percentage of their profits to a central fund managed by the Communication Commission of Kenya.