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Applications for fellowships at TEDGlobal 2009 have now opened!

TED is excited to begin the search for the inaugural class of TEDGlobal Fellows to participate in the TEDGlobal Conference in Oxford, U.K. Following the successful Fellows program launch in Long Beach, CA, we are looking for the next eclectic group of 25 innovators from around the world.

V MOBILEFEST 2009 - International Festival of Mobile Art and Creativity

Call for Papers, Projects, Prototypes and Products.

THEME: How can mobile technology contribute to democracy, culture, art, ecology, peace, education, health and the third-sector?


3g, mobile applications, interactive architecture, electronic art, mobile activism, bluetooth, cyberculture, live cinema, mociology, culture, democracy, inclusion design, ecology, education, d-i-y, gprs, gps, LBS, innovation, mobile and wireless games, lbs, locative, geotagging, electronic music, mobile music, m-health,

m-payment, m-gov, mobile narrative, peace, interactive net performances with mobile and wireless devices, interchange, video production and distribution, augmented reality, open wireless, mesh, social nets, rfid, expanded classroom, health, sms, mobile streaming, wearable technolgies, tendencies, third-sector, citizen video, video call, TV on mobile, wi-fi, wi-max, zigbee, etc.


Brazil 2009: over 150 million mobile phones.

Mobilefest - International Festival of Mobile Art and Creativity, an event that intends to question and discuss the coming of new mobile technologies in their relations with the most varied sectors of society, being the first international festival of its kind. Our main objective is to provide a multifaceted and heterogeneous environment of discussions, actions and creations that through the virtualities of the new mobile technologies, aim intelligent solutions to solve and discuss questions that afflict contemporary society.

The efforts upon new communication technologies is based on the perception of its exponential growth - over 4 billion active mobile phones in the world nowadays - and its crescent use not only in communication between people but in activities related to education, social inclusion, varied artistic productions, entertainment, safety, content production and distribution, making of social nets, activist actions, health, commerce, advertising, etc.

The I Mobilefest was launched in November, 2006, an international seminar and exhibition, that happened in Sao Paulo, at Sesc Paulista, with free and live transmission over the internet. The seminar counted with the participation of 36 artists and researchers, 16 of which from abroad, and 20 from Brazil. The II Mobilefest (2007) gathered 26 artists and researchers from abroad and 28 Brazilian artists and researchers. We held a 3 day seminar, 2 day boot camp - MobileActive at Mobilefest - and a 30 day international exhibition at Sesc Paulista Gallery.

The event also counted with the launch of recognition awards for the best works and mobile applications, the 1st Mobilefest Awards, that granted best works in the categories of Photojournalism, SMS Writing (poetry and micro-story), videos, moblogs and videologs.

Its objectives are to:

* Popularise mobile technology so to contribute with social inclusion through generalisation of knowledge, its forms of usage and possibilities of interaction opened by these new communication medium.

* Offer the first specialized awards in recognition of works that use mobile technology

* Promote cultural interchange between national and international researchers of this field.

* Incite creative thought and production on the new technologies aiming to expand possible hardware and software functions in the mobile technology segment.

* Encourage content production in the mobile technology segment in Brazil be it in terms of industrial or independent production.

* Make the participation of all those interested in producing and distributing content through mobile communication networks possible.

The deadline for call for papers registration is 15th June 2009.

Announcement of selected works will happen until 15th July 2009.

Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, England, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Luxemburg, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay, Sweden, USA, Zimbabwe.