Swift launches its WiMAX service in Nigeria


Wireless broadband provider, Swift Networks Limited, has announced its WiMAX broadband service has gone live after a three month trial. Over the pilot test run of the service, the company says it has conducted “successful rigorous testing” of its WiMAX broadband network and backend systems which its sees as a major game changer in the Internet market. Its initial coverage area encompasses an estimated 10 million people.

Swift’s COO, Chuma Okoye says:“A business can now use one reliable broadband connection to support the needs of all of its staff, and depending on the size of its building, create a WiFi cloud sufficient for the whole users without the need of an external router. This business will also get clear voice, fax, web and e-mail hosting, as well as customized hosted PABX services from SWIFT at an affordable price. The itinerant boss will have the option of a nomadic 4G modem with which he can access the corporate network or the internet while outside the office and this will be on the same bill as the office”, says Okoye.

He adds that, “parents can now access the internet, corporate files, company networks and VPNs from home, while supervising the kids’ homework or online games, over the multiple user SWIFT 4G broadband hub at the house. The family can also get a fixed telephone service on which it can make and receive calls at affordable rates”

He said the possibilities of the new service will also enable “a university student can now get a really high speed internet to meet those project submission deadlines and chill out later with streaming of the latest music videos or movies, whether at home or on campus.”

Swift plans roadshows for prospective customers to adding that, “people will be able to test drive our services at these demo centres and be able to compare it with what else is available in the market. In fact, we will encourage them to bring along their 3G and EVDO modems to compare with ours and experience the difference. Our services will be available for purchase at either these demonstration centres, online via our website, at any of our offices or accredited retail outlets”.