First online business fair in Ghana begins March 2011


The first ever online business fair that will enable local and international customers and investors to transact business across the computer, the phone and other Internet enabled devices, begins from March 2 to 16, 2011 in Ghana.

Christened Ghana Sales Fair and developed by Web and Soft Limited, a local software company, the fair expects to host over four million Ghanaian customers and more than 700 million international participants through electronic campaigns on major websites and search engines including Google company and Cable Network News (CNN).

Launching its official website name,, for the March fair on Tuesday in Accra, Mr Philip Gamey, the Chief Executive Officer of Web and Soft, said the mission was to enable businesses to deliver the best business to customers on their terms.

Only registered businesses in Ghana will be allowed to feature on the website, where they will have their products and services exhibited with their prices.

Customers anywhere and at anytime, he said, could “join the fair with their lap tops, cell phones, or their iPads. We found opportunities to deploy exhibitions to the web and make it available to local and international customers and investors at any place and anytime and make them very, very simple to use.”