Tigo Rwanda introduces micro-SIM cards and slashes prices on data modems


Tigo Rwanda has announced that it is now providing mico-SIM cards for subscribers with smart phones particularly those using the 3G iPad and latest iPhone 4.  The company’s Marketing Manager Nina Ndabaneze said on 10th January 2011 that the micro-SIM is now available for Tigo Rwanda subscribers wishing to acquire new numbers and those who wish to swap and retain their old numbers.

She said that the company has also slashed prices on the Tigo Go Wireless data modem from Rwf25,000 to Rwf19,700  making the device the most affordable 3G modem in Rwanda. From the 10th to the 16th of January, the price per megabyte for our Go Wireless modem subscribers will be Rwf15 from Rwf30/MB

According to Ndabaneze the company is set to introduce two ZTE low-cost smart phones which are equally useful as any other smart phone when browsing the Internet. The phones including the G-R352 that costs Rwf33,700 (US$56) and the F102 that goes for Rwf35,700 (US$59) which each handset coming with free internet subscription for one month.

Officials at the Muhima based company also said that Tigo Rwanda was the first to introduce the micro-SIM in Rwanda.  “We have had in our stock the micro-SIM for more than two months. With the use of the new micro-SIM, mobile devices can store a larger battery, and we already see that in the new iPhone which has 16 percent more capacity. With Facebook, Twitter and all these utilities, users browse the Internet all day so they want a large screen, and that kills the battery of most smart phones,” Ndabaneze said.

“The micro-SIM can be significantly used with Apple products like the 3G iPad or with the new iPhone 4. It is sold at the same price of Rwf350. Tigo subscribers can purchase and use the card as new or also by swap,” Nabaneze added.

The new iPhone 4 is the first mobile phone to forgo the use of the usual SIM card and move to micro-SIM. Tigo officials said that subscriber who have recently purchased or intend to purchase the iPhone 4 don’t need to worry about the availability of the micro-SIM.

Tigo and all the other telecom companies in Rwanda already provide the usual mini-SIM card. The new micro-SIM card is basically over 50 percent smaller, measuring only 15 mm × 12 mm × 0.76 mm.

The micro-SIM standard is the creation of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and it’s been a standard since late 2003.

In addition to new technology offerings, Tigo is this week launching a portfolio of products under the banner “Tigo My Choice”.  Subscribers will be able to buy bulk packages of voice minutes, SMS or data by simply sending an SMS to the relevant short-code for each package.

“With these new packages we are telling our subscribers that we understand their unique needs and we will always do our best to provide the most personalized experience for each of them as possible.  Our customers can get more information by dialing *505# on their Tigo mobile, or calling or visiting any of our customer care centres,” Ndabaneze said.