Wireless Telephone Service to Be Installed in all of Eritrea’s Administrative Regions


Incumbent Eritrean Telecommunication Corporation Service is putting in place infrastructure facilities aimed at expanding wireless phone service in all the country's administrative regions, according to Tesfaslasie Berhane, manager of the Corporation. It will be implemented in the coming two moths, he added.

Noting that the installation of the lines would begin in the capital Asmara so as to closely supervise and verify the effectiveness of the project, Tesfaslasie indicated that over 120,000 customers would become beneficiaries of the service thanks to the already existing facilities. He further explained that installing wireless service is cost-effective compared to the demanding task of distributing fixed telephone service.

The manager further pointed out that the necessary equipments have already been installed in Mai-Nefhi, Ademneger, Kehawta, Haz-Haz, Maitemenai, Tsaeda-Kristian and Gejeret so as to launch the distribution of lines. Similar facilities have also been put in place in different parts of Anseba region, including Keren, Hagaz and Adi-Tekelezan.

Moreover, Tesfaslasie stated that microwave links have been extended from Asmara to Assab, and that the distribution of a 21 km-long underground fiber has been finalized. He also outlined the major tasks accomplished in the towns of Mendefera, Barentu and Ginda as regards replacing old lines and nets with new ones.

Regarding mobile phone service, the manger said that all the administrative regions have now access to the service, and that a number of towns in Gash-Barka region and Nacfa town have become beneficiaries of 24-hour mobile phone service thanks to the solar energy devices installed in Awla, Tessenei and Nacfa. Similar devices have also been put in place in Gelalo and Iddi, he added.

Tesfaslasie indicated that as a result of the newly introduced equipments, the speed of Internet connection has been upgraded, and that the number of public phones has increased to over 600.