Subscription Rates for Fixed lines Reduced in Cameroon


Incumbent Camtel has cut the price of installation and its monthly charges monthly charges by 25%. In a press statement issued in Yaounde last week, the General Manager of CAMTEL, David Nkoto Emane said that subscribers for private homes will pay CFA 35,775 instead of CFA 47,700. Business customers representing companies, associations, financial institutions, NGOs, etc, will on their part pay CFA 89,440 instead of CFA 119,250.

"To make subscriptions affordable for all Cameroonians, the above charges shall be payable in ten monthly instalments", the statement said, stating that penalty for non-payment of late payment of bills is henceforth fixed at CFA 1,550 instead of CFA 1,789.

The decision to down telephone subscription rates falls within the framework of discussions CAMTEL had with the Government. In effect, on January 21, the Minister of Trade announced that CAMTEL would be reducing its rates as from this month. Reacting to popular unrest, he made the announcement after signing ten protocol agreements reducing prices of food stuff and some necessities. The reduction in subscription rates is part of this process. Customers are still waiting for the reduction of rates on calls themselves.

Cameroon Tribune