Nigeria: IXPN Facility to Generate $20 Million in Savings


With the commissioning of the new Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria, (IXPN) last week in Lagos by the Nigerian Communication Commission, (NCC), Nigeria is expected to experience immediate drop in connectivity costs to the tune of more than $20 million in offshore bandwidth payments in the first year of operations.

The IXPN, initiated during the Obasanjo administration, when fully implement according to the promoters is expected to fast-track development in various sectors of the economy.

At the commissioning last Friday in Lagos, NCC EVC , Dr Eugene Juwah told stakeholders that IXPN was a dream come true as it would avoid the global imbalance in telecom connectivity that forces some nations to send traffic designed for local destinations through international hubs located outside their countries, thereby attracting extra cost and consuming more bandwidth.

"This means that this facility will save the nation some foreign exchange when fully implemented and I am told by the management of IXPN Ltd we will experience immediate drop in connectivity costs as well as cost savings of more than $20million in offshore Internet bandwidth payments in the first year of operations. This is very commendable.

For the Chairman of IXPN, Chima Onyekwere, as Africa becomes more and more connected internally, Nigeria is being positioned to be the regional IXP for West Africa.

"At IXPN, we are committed not only to the development of a national internet infrastructure, but increasingly, an infrastructure that will span the entire African continent, Europe, America, Asia and the entire world. IXPN will provide the much expected benefits required at an IXP as well as build and maintain a global reputation for quality, performance, reliability and excellence in all aspects.

"The IXPN offers connections at its currently operating locations at 100M and 1000M (1G) port speeds. The IXPN operates a Mandatory MLPA (Multi-Lateral Peering Agreement), which means it is mandatory for every member to peer with the IXPN route servers.