Internet News - In Brief


- Figures recently released by the Tunisian Ministry of communication technologies show that ADSL connections are expected to reach 400,000 by the end of 2009. The soaring rate of ADSL connections which has increased from 114,000 subscriptions in 2007 to 220,000 end of 2008 testifies to the boom the ICT sector is experiencing in the country. Tunisia’s Internet users are estimated at 2.8 million.

- The readers SMS text page of The Namibian newspaper which provides an innovative way for ordinary people in Namibia to air their views, has been criticised by the Swapo Party Elders' Council. The organisation wants the newspaper to stop the publication of the messages on the basis that it creates chaos and anarchy in the country. Defendants of democracy and freedom of expression claim that “in any country, especially a developing country faced with many challenges such as Namibia, we need to encourage more people to speak out on issues, regardless of how serious or trivial these might appear, and not discourage people”.

- The Ghana Internet Services Providers Association (GISPA) has announced that it supports the Presidents' nomination of Haruna Iddrisu for Minister of Communication. Iddrisu is a lawyer by profession. GISPA beleves he has shown a healthy grasp of the complex issues around Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Ghana. He also established a leadership role in the parliamentary process as a young lawmaker and his youthfulness is another important reason why GISPA thinks he can “stir the fast-paced and knowledge-based emerging ICT industry in Ghana”.

- The ongoing NITEL strike which has shut off the SAT-3 cable in Nigeria has enabled Gateway Communications, a leading provider of African telecommunications services to supply additional capacity to corporate customers and Nigerian operators.

- The ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technologies of Algeria aims to connect about 22,000 schools to Internet so as to be in tune with the technological progress. The minister pointed out that "it is of utmost importance to successfully achieve the operation," which will be carried out through several steps by the year 2013, adding that the operation is part of the major project of "e-Algeria 2013."