Telecoms Rates, Offers and Coverage

Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

EriTel, Eritrea’s state-owned incumbent telecoms operator, has completed the first phase of its network expansion and upgrade project, local newspaper Shabait reports. To ease mobile network congestion, the company has constructed additional stations in Asmara, Keren, Mendefera and Massawa, among other areas, while new telephone stations have been installed in Merhano, Tsaeda Kristian, Arbaete Asmera, Bisha, Foro and Massawa to accommodate more customers. Additionally, EriTel is rolling out a third-generation mobile network in order to upgrade data and internet services, and is also considering expanding its 2G network nationwide.

Prepaid TopUp firm, Seamless has announce the successful launch of MTN Rwanda's Prepaid TopUP Solution on Seamless’ carrier class platform, ERS 360◦.

South Africa’s mobile operator, Cell C, announced the launch of its online dashboard called MyTools which promises to provide functionality similar to that of Google Voice to Cell C subscribers. The major difference from Google Voice is that it's integrated into an operator, said Lars Reichelt, CEO of Cell C.