Writers Get New Website in Nigeria

Digital Content

A new website exclusively dedicated to Nigerian writers and their writings has been launched. The site, www.writerslodge-ng.com, which will contain news about writers, books, and new releases among other things, also features a library where books and excerpts from several authors can be found. The library, according to the creators of the site, is designed to serve as a searchable database for Nigerian authors and their books. Information such as Authors' names, ISBN numbers, publishers, and numbers of pages, price and other important details are available for each book in the library.

The creators of the site, who stated that they embarked on the project as their own contribution to the literary landscape, said they hoped Nigerian writers would be able to exploit the reviews, comments, and ideas posted on it to add more value and quality to their writing. They added that the volume of material on the site would also make it an interesting stop for people who were just interested in reading.

The site allows registered members to submit their writings-poems, short stories, etc-for other writers/readers to review and rate and comment on. The idea, the creators of the site said, was to give writers a fair idea of what readers felt about the quality of their work and allow them to make necessary corrections.

The Daily Trust