Telecoms, Rates. Offers and Coverage

Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

Nigeria’s mobile operator Globacom has launched its prepaid 3G plus internet services in Kaduna.

Morocco’s third largest mobile operator Wana, which launched a GSM-based network in February 2010 under the Inwi brand, is celebrating signing up a total of 4.3 million cellular users by end-December, compared to the 600,000 CDMA-only mobile subscribers it served a year earlier. The operator claims that the rapid growth gave it a 13.5% market share by the end of 2010 against 2.4% twelve months previously. Wana, which also provides CDMA-based 3G mobile broadband services under the Inwi brand, and fixed-wireless telephony under the Bayn banner, has also retained its leading positions in terms of subscribers in the fixed line and 3G internet markets, claiming shares of 66.7% and 40.7% respectively, as confirmed by figures from the regulator, the ANRT.