Eritrea: 400,000 Students in Remote Areas Become Beneficiaries of Computer Training


As part of the Ministry of Education's endeavors to narrow the gap of the availability of information technology between urban and rural areas, computer training was introduced in schools in remote areas at a cost of 76 million Nakfa and 400, 000 students have thus far become beneficiaries of the program, according to the head of IT and Communications in the Ministry, Alem Habte.

In an interview with ERINA, Alem stated that based on studies conducted since 2005, the Ministry of Education has introduced computer training programs in 65 Secondary and 50 Junior schools found in remote parts of the country.

He further noted that parallel with the extension of electricity services in remote parts of the country, around 5,300 computers have been provided, while an additional 1,200 computers were given to the secondary school and vocational training center in Sawa.

Alem went on to indicate that more than 6,500 computers were put to use for educational purposes in the past 5 years and that 222 school directors and 503 teachers were given computer training.

Emahmime, Laba, Baqla, Gelalo, Tio, Afambo and Kerkebet include some of the areas that have been provided with solar energy powerd computer laboratories within the previous year.