Zinox Boss says “ we have the Capacity to Produce Three Million PCs in a Year in Nigeria


Zinox Technologies Limited, promoters of Zinox brand of computers said it has the capacity to push three million personal computers in the Nigerian hardware market in one year as part of efforts to enable Nigerians own their personal computers.

Considering the appalling recent report of the World Bank on information technology penetration in Nigeria, the Chief Executive Officer of Zinox Technologies Limited Chief Stan Ekeh said that Zinox as the leading brand in the Nigerian PCs market has a national assignment to raise PC penetration rate in the country and the rest of the West African sub-region to appreciable level by end of this year.

"If the government wakes up today and buys 2 million PCs and empowers Nigerians, things will improve. .

If you are not consuming your goods, who do you expect to consume it for you? If government buys 3 million PCs, Nigeria will become the most visible nations in Africa in six months. If they do this, they are civilising the people." It enlightens people. And how much does it cost, 3 million PCs cannot hurt a nation? By doing this, you would have created a job, you would have created activities, you have given hope to the poor.

"The government can wake up today. Zinox has excess capacity . Zinox alone can produce 3 million PCs in a year.”

" We have the main materials who are Nigerians, who will benefit and we will take responsibility. The government must support people. There is no country in the world that produces 100 percent of any items. If you have the raw materials, intellectual capitals, you have to get from somewhere. So if government wakes up today and say, every student in Nigeria should get a laptop, you change their thinking, you culture them. I think that it is best way to culture people. You culture them intelligently.

" The best way to culture a place today is the level of intellectual capital. The government must build capacity. If you ignore the local entrepreneur, nobody can develop your country for you. If you buy computers and give Nigerians, the teachers and the students, you are building the nation. You are creating excitement."You are making the people to become more ambitious. Can't the nation give free internet acces to Nigerians. How much does it cost?

'The only way to explode Nigeria is through technology. Because that is the only thing that absorbs the size of unemployed youths we have in this country. Nothing else including the Niger Delta. That is the only way it could be resolved. " Ekeh who is so passionate about youth empowerment said.

On IT education in the Nigerian universities, he said that IT Education is growing but noted that the government needs to do more by empowering the Nigerian students with IT tools and knowledge needed to face the challenges of the 21st century knowledge economy.

"We have a contract with AfriHub in some universities. It is not enough. Can't the government close her eyes and out outsource companies to deliver? I build digital centres in institutions of higher learning . It is critical. Education today is no more important but is the quality of education today that is critical. If you go to university today and you cannot use computer, you are illiterate." he said