Taha Jiwaji - Bongo Live! - an sms and mobile marketing firm in Tanzania

Digital Content

This week Africa Business Communities meet with Taha Jiwaji, Founder and CEO of Bongo Live! on bringing mobile and SMS based services to empower businesses, NGOs, government and consumers in Tanzania.

"Bongo Live! provides individuals who register on our website with exclusive deals and offers that match their interests. Advertisers then in turn can promote their companies/brands based on their specific target demographic. We also provide group messaging services to large businesses and institutions to send messages to their contacts en mass."

"Bongo Live! was registered in May 2010 and started actively operating in October 2010. It combines a niche space between the advertising and technology realms. We combine both of these in a unique way using sms as our medium to deliver highly targeted and high impact offers direct to consumers."

"Bongo Live! is both a technology company as well as an advertising company. Our website and sms platform is at the core of our business. We are however constantly striving to develop new technologies and methods to improve our services as well as offer our customers a better experience."

"Bongo Live! is currently funded from personal funds as well as from friends and family. We are seeking additional seed funding to allow us to scale faster and enter neighboring markets."

"As an advertising and communication tool Bongo Live! can help all companies improve both their branding as well as their communication with customers, employees, suppliers etc."

"We're currently operating only in Tanzania.  but see ourselves growing to the neighboring markets of Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. We're currently partnered with a social media advertising company in India called AliveNow. We collaborate on unique social media marketing and customer acquisition strategies."