Computer News - In Brief


- A group of South African developers have released a new version of Linux. First we had Impi, then we had Ubuntu. Now a group of South African developers have released Kongoni, a new Linux distribution. Named after the Shona word for GNU - the mascot of the Free Software Foundation - Kongoni is built on a base of Slackware Linux but is meant to emulate BSD-Unix with its package management.

- Uganda’s Parliament's committee on ICT has finalised a new policy that will regulate the importation and disposal of electronic gadgets in the country. The Policy contained in the draft, National Information Technology Bill is now before the committee for scrutiny.

- A Rwandan National Data Center is to be established soon, facilitating government institutions' access to and exchange of information. This was announced by Nkubito Bakuramutsa, the deputy CEO in charge of ICT at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

- The "Chifa" chip card will be used in all Algeria by 2011-2012, said Tayeb Louh, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social. Speaking to the press in the margins of the signing ceremony of an agreement between the National Social Insurance Fund (CNAS) and the British "Cromwell Hospital," the minister pointed out that all social insured people nationwide will receive their "Chifa" chip card within the next three years.