Rwanda: Registration for driver’s license exams goes mobile

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The traffic police department has introduced online registration to ease the process of applying for a driver’s license. Chief Supt. Vincent Sano, head of traffic police, confirmed this last week in an interview with The New Times. He explained that registering to sit for provisional tests, one sends an SMS as ‘ID No.-space-District-space-P-space-0’ to 3126.

For those registering for the practical tests, he said, they send the SMS as ‘ID No.-space-District-space-Category required-space-Number of previous licence obtained’ to 3126.
Both parties, he added, get a feedback message with the Identity number, district where one will sit the tests from and the category and the registration number, as confirmation.

“We chose this system to avoid several malpractices that used to arise from the previous registration system,” said Sano. He noted that previously, aspirants would register more than once so as sit for tests in several areas as a way of increasing their chances of passing. He added that some aspirants would also hire people to do the tests on their behalf, and that under age people (below 18 years) would also register for the tests.