Mobile Web surges 93% in South Africa

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The number of Opera Mini users climbed more than 90% over the course of 2008.

Mobile web use in South Africa surged 93% between January 2008 and January 2009 with the average browser viewing 264 pages in the first month of this year. This is according to Opera Software's State of the Mobile Web for January 2009.

The report from the browser maker found that global Opera Mini usage in January 2009 was 12.1% higher than in the previous month with 20 million users. Page views grew by an even larger amount, climbing 18% to 7.6 billion global pages viewed over the course of January 2009.

South Africa ranked sixth in the list of top ten Opera Mini users. Users in Russia accounted for the largest number of Opera Mini users, followed by Indonesia, Ukraine, China, India and then South Africa.

In terms of page views per user, Ukraine took the top spot with the average user viewing 530 pages in January 2009. Indonesia (507 pages) was followed by Russia (416) and India (354). South African users viewed an average 264 pages.