Zambia: MTN Launches Broadband Internet


MTN Zambia last week launched the broadband internet services, to make it one of the fastest internet service. MTN Zambia managing director, Farhad Khan said his company had made substantial investment in technology such as easy cable to ensure that the broadband internet was the best on the market with higher speed and reliability. He said MTN was using integrated network and was offering 3G and EDGE technologies.

Speaking at the launch in Lusaka lastt week, Khan said US$200 million was invested to ensure delivery of quality services to its customers.

Khan said moving with global technological trends; internet has become key for business and consumer needs. "We believe that what is of importance and reliance is the fact that all our subscribers now have access to high speed internet anywhere on the MTN Zambia network.

Equally important is the fact that our customers need not concern themselves about settings and configurations because all the settings are done by us as service providers," he said. He said the MTN broadband service was designed in such a way that mobile phones or modem automatically choose the fastest connection available expending on the, capability of the mobile phone or modem. This also depends on how busy the network would be at that particular time.

Khan disclosed that MTN has doubled its subscribers on the network across the country from one million to two million.