iPad prices officially dropped in SA


Core Group have responded in kind to Digicape's iPad price cuts

The official distributors of Apple products in South Africa, Core Group, have cut the retail prices of iPads after Digicape announced yesterday that they would be dropping the prices of the iPad.

“Due to the announcement of iPad 2 internationally, we will be decreasing the pricing on the first generation model locally,” Core revealed today.

However, Core states that they had actually announced a reduction in the iPad prices through their channel yesterday – it just hadn't filtered into the public domain until this morning.

Digicape's prices are in-line with Core's new recommended retail prices and it is expected that Apple Premium Resellers (iStore, Incredible Connection and Dion Wired) will also change their prices accordingly.

Wi-Fi only iPads are to be sold for R500 less while the 3G models received a R600 price cut.

RJ van Spaandonk, executive director of Core Group, said that the price cuts are simply a result of the reduced prices the device enjoyed internationally after the announcement of iPad 2.

He explained that the original iPad is still considered a primary product and Core is still bringing stock into the country.

Van Spaandonk said that the price reduction isn't a bid to get rid of stock, as it isn't clear yet when South Africa will be receiving the iPad 2. He added that the original iPad will still be sold alongside the iPad 2 when it does arrive.

The table below shows South Africa's reduced iPad pricing and compares it to the reduced pricing overseas.

A table with the pricing details is available here: