Computer News - In Brief


International ICT company Intel Corporation will continue supporting the Ministry of education to train teachers and students on information technology. The company has picked 1050 schools in Kenya where five students each will benefit from the training. Already 3500 teachers have benefited from the programme which started in November 2007.

In Nigeria, the Federal Government's Galaxy Backbone Centre is partnering with the Kano State ICT Park. The former will provide connectivity and IT related services.

In Kenya, the Ministry of Education is studying a proposal to donate Sh60,000 to needy schools for e-learning. If approved, the proposal will benefit 20 schools in each constituency and will be the first step in rolling out e-learning in the newly created counties.

The Gauteng e-toll system was supposed to go through live testing from the end of March, but the newly-formed steering committee will only complete a report for consideration of the political principals by the end of April. Transport minister Sibusiso Ndebele yesterday announced the steering committee for the controversial e-tolling system. The system is an open road, multi-lane toll infrastructure that allows for tolls to be charged without drivers having to stop. There are no physical booths.