Nigeria: IT Firm Invests U.S.$1.5 Million, Expands Lagos Centre

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One of the Nigerian Internets Service Providers (ISP), Internet Solutions (IS) has announced further investment of 1.5million dollars (N225 million) with the expansion of its Lagos data centre and hosting facility.

The Managing Director of Internet Solutions West Africa, Mr. Steve Herridge said the expansion exercise came on the back of previous revelations made signaling the company's dedication and commitment to communications infrastructural development in Nigeria .

According to Herridge, growth of IT data processing environment is multidimensional which requires continues innovations on how to do it better.

He said, "Factors like business type, customer behaviour, storage, regulatory demands, risk management, and technology innovation all affect how businesses process and store data. Due to developments such as increasing demand, virtualization, and requirements for low latency data connectivity, the data centre has become a dynamic environment which must constantly be re-calibrated to maintain its effectiveness."

Herridge explained that the expansion in the Victoria Island centre covers areas like Power Generation and upgraded Facilities to cater for the growth of the Data Centre.

He stated that since the arrival of two new submarine cables in Nigeria , there has been an explosion of interest from international companies wanting to do business in Nigeria and has facilitated the growth in demand for server and application hosting.

"We made the decision to expand the available space in our VI facility on the back of an order received from one of our major banking customers; but this expansion then allows us to cater for the high demand that we now see in the hosting and co-location business in Nigeria, both from businesses currently operating within Nigeria and business looking to enter the market," Herridge said.

Herridge said, "At Internet Solutions, we believe that Infrastructure sharing of networks and facilities such as Data Centre's will help drive the cost of the services we provide down and assist in the growth of the internet and internet based businesses in Nigeria ."