Gambia: Telephone Subscribers in four districts still without service, may take another year to repair


Gamtel telephone subscribers in the Kanifing, Banjul, Lamin and Brikama administrative areas continue to express concern about the lack of service on their telephone lines over the past months.

People residing around Serrekunda and the surrounding made a complaint at the Foroyaa office that most of their lines are bad. This reporter has also learnt that up till now departments and institutions within Serrekunda are not enjoying the services of Gamtel telephones. This reporter also made findings in Niumi and Badibou (NBR) and found out that they are also complaining of poor services by Gamtel.

Momodou Touray of Fass Njaga Choi said his telephone stopped working since 2004. "They continue bringing me bills every month while my phone is not working. I made several attempts for them (Gamtel) to come and repaid my telephone. They came once to check the problem but when they went back I did not see or hear from them anymore”.

Many people contacted in Brikama also showed their dissatisfaction and disappointment with Gamtel. "When the Brikama Gamtel was burnt, most of our telephone lines including some Gamtel lines were faulty. We can neither make or receive calls. The Gamcel network is alright now, but the land phones are still bad" said this anonymous speaker. Mustapha Darboe of Busumbala, the Drammeh Kunda family of Bakau, Fatou Camara of Lamin are some of the subscribers whose complaint were published in Foroyaa newspaper last on January the 12. But when this reporter made findings to see if their lines are restored, he found our that their telephone lines are still not repaired. Most of them told this reporter that Gamtel technical staff came to their residence to check the phones but nothing positive is being done yet.

Readers could recall that when Foroyaa got in touch with the then managing director of Gamtel, he said 6,000 out of 10,000 faulty lines have been restored. He emphasised then that technicians have been working hard and materials have been ordered to restore the remaining 4,000 lines. When he was asked when they expect to restore all lines, he said by the end of January 2009. However in an interview with this reporter Friday on the phone the new deputy managing director at Gamtel now said all telephone lines will be restored by January 2010.

FOROYAA Newspaper