Nigeria: Facebook Introduces New Advertising for Local Brands


Facebook, the world's most visited social media platform, continues to conceive new and innovative advertising platforms, ensuring the best possible results for advertisers the world over, including Nigeria.

Effective January 2011, Facebook through its Nigerian sales representative, Wild Fusion, introduced new exciting advertising opportunities into the Nigerian market. The first was Premium inventory advertising otherwise called the Homepage ads (these ads previously appears only on Facebook homepage) will now include profile and other pages on Facebook. Premium advertising will be available on the Profile pages, another high engagement location which closely rivals the Homepage (news feed) in terms of quality, engagement and time spent.

This additional exposure will enable Nigerian brands to maximise impact and engagement with the Facebook audience. The right-hand column of the Profile pages will be adjusted to accommodate the new Premium advertising format whilst the adverts will continue to have 100 per cent share of voice.

The Facebook premium advertising is different from the self-served ads or ASU (Advertising standard unit). The Facebook premium ad or ads that appear on Facebook homepage provides better Brand lift in terms of recognition, response and purchase intent.

The ASU ads are self served and are paid for using credit cards and by any Facebook user. Facebook premuim ads come with additional possibilities such as Video comment, Poll, frequency capping, organic spread reporting, reach blocks and Facebook sampling ads.

The second innovation Facebook will be introducing will be changes to the Reach Block. Reach Blocks are premium offering where Nigerian Facebook users see only one advertiser's ad five times before any other advertiser or brand.

Reach Blocks will now reach 100 per cent of users for their first three impressions in Premium areas such as the homepage where users are most engaged, and then up to two additional Premium impressions on Profile pages to reach the impression goal. All Reach Block impressions will continue to be served in Premium areas both the Home and Profile pages and will have 100% share of voice.

Tests comparing 5 cap Reach Blocks with 3+2 Reach Blocks show that 3+2 Reach Blocks on average perform slightly better across almost all metrics than 5 cap homepage Reach Blocks. The new and improved Reach Blocks continue to be the most efficient way to capture audience mind-share on Facebook.