Tanzania: University Gets Pro-Blind Software


Visually-impaired students will soon be able to learn without much assistance, following the introduction of a new technology at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), which is aimed at helping them cope.

The software named 'Dolphin Pen Software' which was launched yesterday at the university headquarters in the city would equip both students and teachers suffering from visual impairments with computer skills.

According to the chief guest, Celestine Gesimba, Deputy Ppermanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the launching of the system would mainstream learners to access education, information and technology with equal weight as that received by those who have no visual problems.

Demonstrating on how the software works, Alex Kaluyu, a Dolphin trainer from the Kenya Union of the Blind, said the software had the power to direct the computer user as well as re-read what the person had done. He said that this was possible as the keyboard used for Braille was the same as that used by ordinary computers. "This will help them to study and attempt their university assignments without depending on anyone; they can also access their emails and other documents online," he added.

On his part, Nelson Mlanga from the Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB) complimented the initiative, saying it would ease dependence on third parties.