Teams cable secures operating permit in Kenya


The East Africa Marine Systems (Teams) has been given the first submarine cable landing operator licence, opening the way for the country to tap cheaper high speed Internet connection.

The licence will allow the firm to convey international telecommunications traffic and provide connection to local Internet providers who have already placed cables across the country, said Communication Commission of Kenya Director General, Charles Njoroge.

The firm paid an initial fee of Sh15 million, besides making an up front annual operating payment of five million shillings for the current financial year. At the same time, the CCK approved the award of second licence to Seacom, but the firm will only get the green light to connect with local Internet providers upon paying the license fee of Sh15 million.

The twin submarine cables are now expected to land in Mombasa mid this year, a development that is set to spur shifts among the local Internet providers who are angling to grow their share of the lucrative Internet market.

Business Daily