Airtel Sets $25 Million for Massive Network Growth in Sierra Leone


Airtel, Sierra Leone's award winning mobile telecommunication company of the year 2010 has embarked on super strategy to further expand its fast growing mobile network in the country. The company is currently targeting another one hundred new sites to be constructed in rural areas of the country. The initiative is to reinforce the company's commitment in providing world-class mobile services to its customers throughout the country. The $25M project will help provide customers the best geographical spread as well as a network free from congestion.

The company's determination to increase the number of cell sites and coverage at both urban and rural areas is a landmark in improving the economy of the country. In an interview with the CEO of Airtel Anglophone Africa, Jayant Khosla stated that the company is highly determined to provide quality service for the average person in the country. "We are Pro-actively increasing coverage that will offer an unmatched network service in the country", he further said. He also noted that, the company is currently constructing over 27 new sites in the country and more sites will be constructed in order to expand quality network coverage in the country.

This geographic expansion project will ensure that the network constantly stays congestion-free and Airtel subscribers will enjoy an unmatched mobile network experience. In rural Sierra Leone, the need is more basic: Communication. An industry belief, for example, is that rural areas with its poor infrastructure, sparse population and large open spaces could not be a good telecom market. However, the very factors that did not lend themselves to 'mobility' supported a 'communication' paradigm, Airtel has found. Airtel aims to give customers throughout Sierra Leone greater freedom by delivering available and affordable mobile communications for all.

With the completion of the 27 new cell sites, the Airtel network will be available more widely and it will help boost the existing 159 sites that are in existence in the country. The $25M project aims to improving quality service nationwide and that, the company is aiming to reach the least village in the country. In a bid to maintain its number one status, Airtel is planning to have a total of 300 sites in the country.

"Sierra Leoneans should feel free to embrace the Airtel brand as the company has started demonstrating its true strength in the market of mobile telecommunication in the country", said Kelvin Kellie, Airtel's Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications. He also noted that, the company is planning to launch its 3G network in the country. He further emphasized that, the company is highly determined to expand its coverage into smaller towns and villages so as to bridge the digital divide in the country.