Tanzania: Internet Service Provider Eyes Bigger Market Share


Tanzanian ISP Raha has resolved to extend its network connectivity services to cover medium and small scale enterprises, in a bid to expand its customer base. Raha's CEO, Aashiq Shariff said at a press conference in Dar es Salaam on Monday when announcing plans to re-brand that there is a swift growth and adaptation of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) into the economic activities.

With the use of WiMax, he said Raha is committed to provide broadband connectivity solutions for small, medium businesses, schools and large enterprises. "Tanzania is evolving in the ICT thus compelling network connectivity service providers to take lead in offering quality, reliable and affordable services in the same pace," he said, adding, "We grow together, we support our clients for them to manage the fast growing digital world."

He said that there has been a decline in the cost of internet connectivity services as it was early projected due to some overriding factors including poor infrastructures. "Generally the number of users for various internet packages is growing fast despite slow decline of costs," he said.

National fiber-optic network that will cover every district in the nation by mid-2011 is expected to pull down costs for operators and improve connectivity in the country.

Speaking earlier at the same occasion, the company's Chief Technical Officer, Nyangu Umeghji said connectivity to the rest of the regions across the country and frequent power cuts have been major challenges facing the ICT industry, leading to increased operating costs. "To ensure a constant provision of reliable services, Raha has embarked on the use of solar power in its various stations as solution to the problem of power blues," he said.

However, he raised fears over the proposed condition by the National Information Communication and Technology Broadband Backbone (NICTBB), that a company seeking to provide broadband services should buy a minimum of 100megabits per second. He said the condition would be a stumbling block for the local small scale network providers enterprises to excel in the business.