South Africa: Afrihost runs Free ADSL offer without planned end date


Afrihost’s Free ADSL offer is currently available, and this time there is no fixed deadline on when they will be closing the promotion In October 2010 Afrihost offered consumers 500 free 1GB data packages which did not expire and without any catches. “Unlike many other ‘free’ offers these accounts do not expire and provide subscribers with 1GB of free ADSL data every month, forever,” explained Afrihost.

The same offer was often repeated since the first launch, but the current Afrihost Free ADSL promotion is different in that it has no fixed ending date. “In the past we have released the free ADSL accounts in limited quantities, whereas currently we are keeping it open for an undefined period of time,” said Afrihost’s Brand Manager Tyler Theron.

Theron pointed out that these free accounts are open to anyone who needs ADSL data, and are therefore not limited to Afrihost clients. Cybersmart has also been offering free 1GB ADSL accounts to anyone interested, but Theron argues that the Cybersmart offering is not a ‘no strings attached’ service like Afrihost's.

Theron further highlights that the Free 1GB Afrihost accounts also qualify for their “well-priced data topups, which means that should you need more than 1GB Data, you can always just add more.”

“We also don't ask for any payment details during signup for a Free ADSL account, which strengthens the 'no strings attached' statement,” said Theron.