Internet News - In Brief


- Côte d’Ivoire, telecoms regulator, ACTI has ordered all mobile operators and ISPs to block independent news websites and websites opposing Laurent Gbagbo.

- Intelsat S.A., announced last week that the launch of the Intelsat New Dawn spacecraft aboard an Ariane 5 rocket, initially scheduled for launch on March 30, 2011, was scrubbed after the launch sequence was shut down automatically. The spacecraft is secure. Arianespace is going to review the data and make another launch attempt at a later date.

- The Angolan Government has obtained a USD 278.4 million loan to fund the installation of the country's national satellite telecommunication system (Angosat). This follows the signing of an agreement for the ANGOSAT project between the Finance minister, Carlos Lopes, and the chairperson of Eximbank of Russia, Nikolai Gavrilov, in representation of a syndicate of Russian banks.

- The government of Tanzania has insisted that it will continue to invest heavily on the national fibre optic to ensure the rural communities get more access to communication services. With the first phase of 7,000 kilometres of network completed, the government is embarking on the second phase, which will connect southern and eastern towns and cities to the neighbouring countries of Zambia and Malawi.