Nigeria Gets a New Online Search Engine


A new online search engine, Wankel, has been developed and launched in Nigeria and the brain behind the innovation, Yusuf Bodija told newsmen in Ibadan, Oyo State that Wankel is a personal search aggregator that allows users to define their search, thus allowing online user flexibility to search using three different platforms.

According to Bodija, online visitors who search the web through for information, also consider searching for news, images, videos, jobs, articles and many more on Wankel which delivers the result to them in a pleasing and unique way.

He said that language translation is also a feature of the website enhancing user satisfaction of words displayed in native dialect. "Users can register on the Wankel website with an opportunity to comment and rate websites; share a website containing relevant information with their friends on social sites such as facebook, twitter, digg, delicious, among others."

Bodija stated that users of Wankel can e-mail their friends with link to the social sites and print the page of the site from Wankel without ever visiting the homepage of the website they found relevant according to their query.

On what makes Wankel unique to other online search engines, Bodija said that the website being a personal search aggregator allows users to define their search, thus giving them flexibility to search using three different platforms. "Whatever platform you decide to search from is personal to you and you will always get the best result that will match your query online."

The website developer advised users who type long queries to always conduct their searches using the filter search provided by Wankel by filtering contents from the three different platforms on the site.

A critic on Nairaland noted:” I don't say this to discourage anyone but this is totally pointless in my opinion. All this does is generate google search results! Its clearly written "Google Custom Search". Now why will I spend 40 seconds waiting for this to load when I can just google it str8 up? How is this a "Nigerian Made Search Engine"?
What was made in Nigeria? The Wankel logo that was put on the search engine script?
C'mon people!”