Nigerian Communications Commission May Issue More Licences


The Executive Vice Chairman of the telecom regulatory authority, the Nigerian Communications Commission, (NCC) Dr Eugene Juawah in Lagos said that the Commission may issue more licenses if existing telecoms operators are not competing enough to bring down price.

The lecture was organized by the Nigerian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Nigerian Communications Commission. Juway who spoke at an international communications lecture on the 'Telecommunications Business in Nigeria: How far?'said the Commission would not apply administrate fiat to force down telecom price down , adding that competition will ordinarily bring down price.

"When the new management took over in NCC, the issue of price was in our mind . We carried out a survey on telecom pricing in similar countries and are concentrating on west African sub-region and also taking into consideration some of the countries in South East Asia. What we found is that Nigeria was on the average," he said, adding " It showed actually that Nigeria is doing fairly well considering some of the peculiar circumstances in our environment. What we feel is that price will come down by competitive force.

"At the moment, we are relying on competitive force to bring down price but where it fails, we will license more providers so that there will be more competition in the market to bring down price.

"With only about 400,000 lines in 2001, with a dismal 0.4 teledensity, the number of active lines by end of January 2011 stood at 89.8 Million lines, resulting in an impressive teledensity of 64.16" he said.