Conmen Target Telecom Namibia Customers


Telecom Namibia has warned that its customers are being targeted by fraudsters posing as employees of our company, telling them that they have been "overcharged" and a refund on their telephone account needed to be paid to them.

Such attempts to dupe Telecom Namibia customers have been reported in several towns in the Karas, Hardap and Erongo regions, according to Oiva Angula, Senior Manager for Corporate Communications and Public Relations.

"In all incidences, the mysterious callers requested the unsuspecting customers for their bank account details, claiming that Telecom Namibia has had a 'problem' with its billing system and has thus 'overcharged' them. The fraudsters promise to refund them as soon they get the bank details," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Telecom Namibia does not do refunds on customer accounts without a physical visit by the customer to one of our Teleshops where customers are required to complete a credit refund form. Fraud over telephone, SMS and e-mail has unfortunately become a reality in this information age. These criminals have no conscience and will go full speed in trying all sorts of tricks to rip off any member of the public," Angula cautioned.

"We advise all our customers to be careful not to divulge any confidential information to unknown persons masquerading as Telecom Namibia employees. Customers who will be approached in such a way are encouraged to capture the number of the calling party and report such a case to Telecom Namibia immediately for further investigation."

The Namibian