Ringo Takes Challenge to Provide Internet Services to All in Cameroon


An Internet service provider, Ringo, has taken the challenge to connect as many Cameroonians as possible through its "fourth generation technology".

It announced this during a press conference organised in the conference hall of the company's premises in Douala, January 30. Responding on how this challenge was going to be overcome, given that some towns have no electricity, Stephane Franco, Ringo Technical Director, said through partnership with stakeholders, the Internet would be taken to homes, restaurants and meeting halls in the remotest areas, thanks to their technology.

He said the company, which is barely three months old, intends to concentrate on improving services in Yaounde and Douala where it had already recruited 5000 subscribers.

When the services would have been improved, he said, the company would expand its services to the ten regions. He added that the technology of Ringo, a Cameroonian company with European and American financial backing, designed and produced by the Chinese, can function in the remote areas.

Presenting the different offers, Cyril Kemayou, Ringo Marketing Director, said they have a modem that costs FCFA 49,000 with a dynamic network. He used the opportunity to present the new product which consists of a Bindi Box and a USB mobile modem that is more personalised which costs FCFA 35,000.

With a computer, the user can access the Internet anywhere. The Bindi Box, from its size has a guarantee period during which problems encountered with it can be solved or the box changed completely.

One of the company’s innovations has been a price slash. Instead of surfing the net at FCFA 10 per minute, clients can now surf at FCFA 5 per minute. Equally, the recharge cards have been broken down to FCFA 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 and 25,000.

These innovations, Kemayou argued, fall in line with meeting the needs of clients who are mostly students. He said Ringo is one of the rare companies that have a customer-after-sales centre.

Cameroon Tribune