iBurst WiMax cuts prices in South Africa


iBurst has cut the prices of its WiMax products, a move that will take effect this month. The company's high-speed broadband offering, since its launch last year, has been criticised by industry players as too expensive. The WiMax offering has traditionally been targeted at the small to medium market.

“iBurst has witnessed a marked uptake of broadband services by SMMEs (small, medium and micro enterprises). The growth of our country is largely dependent on the growth of the SMME sector and from a telecommunications perspective, we will do everything we can to support that,” says Steve Briggs, executive head of the commercial division at iBurst.

The offering is available in three packages: broadband, assured premium (uncontended) and assured standard (low contention). iBurst has not yet released the new figures, but the service at 512Kbps shared with 5GB of bandwidth would have cost R855. With a 1Mbps line at the same shaping, the service used to cost R992 a month.

“As a network-agnostic provider, iBurst is able to recommend and sell products tailored to the unique needs of any organisation,” adds Briggs. iBurst WiMax is available on a month-to-month or 24-month contract with the hardware charges being included in all 24-month contracts. The company says customers signing a new 24-month contract between February and April will not have to pay the installation fee.