More funding for integrated fingerprint and DNA database in South Africa


The upgrading of information technology and telecommunications system will be one of projects South Africa will fund to the tune of R5 billion to fight crime.

Following the country’s budget statement on Wednesday, South Africa’s Treasury said enhanced use of technology was key to fighting the scourge.

“The fight against crime is drawing on the work of the criminal justice sector review. Efforts to overhaul the forensic and investigative capacity of the police are under way, together with enhanced use of available technology,” said the Treasury.

“A further R5.4 billion is allocated to interventions aimed at improving criminal justice services, the creation of an integrated fingerprint and DNA database, improving detective capacity, upgrading IT and telecommunications systems and increasing the number of police officials from 183,000 last year to over 204,000 in 2011/12.”

Meanwhile, the Treasury hailed South African for paying their taxes, having taken advantage of such methods as e-filing where corporate and individuals can pay their taxes online.

“It is gratifying to note that there has again been excellent progress in expanding the number of registered taxpayers. In view of progress in implifying the tax return process and the waiver of the annual filing requirement for qualifying taxpayers, it is proposed that the current Standard Income Tax on Employees system should be discontinued by 2010. We appreciate that the administrative reforms, the adjustment to efiling arrangements and the construction of more effective communication channels between SARS and individual taxpayers are huge reform projects, on the one hand, and sources of numerous personal inconveniences, on the other.”

ITnews Africa