Zimbabwe: FBC Holdings introduces a mobile financial software application


FBC Holdings has introduced a mobile financial software application that provides users with free data from global financial markets including stocks, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, financial futures, oil and precious metals markets, together with extensive coverage of breaking business news.

Known as Blue, FBC is the first African financial institution to distribute such software.

FBC e-commerce director Agrippa Mugwagwa said in a statement the software was consistent with its strategy of extending convenience in the financial services space through virtualisation across multiple delivery channels.

"We are taking advantage of the high mobile and data penetration rate in Zimbabwe to reach current and prospective customers with a wider array of financial services, from ordinary transactions to equities.

"We find Blue a timely innovation which will deliver immense value to new and existing investors," said Mugwagwa.

He indicated that adoption of Blue at FBC is a deliberate strategy to meet the requirements for the up-to-the-minute investment data by busy modern and mobile investors. SVP Global Marketing at JSM Niloo Kassam said they are delighted to be partnering with FBC in distributing this software.

"Having understood the opportunity presented by mobile, FBC realises that Blue reinforces its customer proposition by providing a unique value-added service setting it apart from competitors," he said.
He added that FBC will provide its customers with the opportunity to not only view local African exchanges, but also realtime prices from New York, London and over 160 other global markets, including currencies, gold and oil, all on one screen. Kassam said this is particularly significant as it represents their entrance into the important African marketplace.

FBC signed an agreement with JSM Wireless UK PLC, a global provider of mobile financial software, to distribute the financial application, to its customers effective immediately.

The software application enables bankers, brokers, dealers, fund managers, financial advisors, accountants, lawyers, retail investors and anyone exposed to financial markets to view high quality streaming market data over mobile devices.