Ethiopian Firm Develops New Mobile Directory

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A privately owned local mobile software solution company on Thursday announced it developed a new comprehensive mobile directory plus another 11 mobile softwares for use by Mobile users in Ethiopia.

The Super Page software provides information on any company in the country any mobile holder can easily access, apart from 11 other Ethiopic softwares produced to serve specific purposes, Bimyam Gebre Egziabher who developed the softwares told reporters at the Alpha University College, where he teaches technology.

The Ethiopian Calendar software-one of the Ethiopiac softwares, is an application that contains Ethiopian calendar with Ethiopian fonts with the intention of adding many features; Date Converter enables users to convert date from Gregorian to Ethiopian and vise versa.

Public holidays tells exactly on which date will Ethiopian public holidays (which are more than ten) will be celebrated, thereby avoiding confusion, Biniyam explained, adding this application works for more than 10,000 years.

According to Binyam the software also includes, Day of the Week this application takes Ethiopian day, month and year and tells whether that date is Monday, Tuesday etc; The Orthodox Holidays software is specially designed for Orthodox Christians in that it helps on which day a given orthodox holiday will be, or was, celebrated including the days fasting seasons will start/was started.

Sentence Construction is a game application especially for children with two main advantages- to teach children how to construct a sentence from the given Words.

Sentence helps children to know about their country historical places, cultures etc.

Embassies Information contains the phone and fax numbers of all embassies and foreign mission offices in Ethiopia; Dialing Codes contains the dialing codes to other countries of the world; Special Numbers helps users with call numbers for public services like the Police, Fire Fighters, and Hospitals. Thus 991 is for police-like in The US-940 for reporting cases of sexual harassment and 938 for traffic police and others.

What's more, Investment Opportunity software contains information about investment opportunities in Ethiopia as well as Know Ethiopia software introduces Ethiopia's tourism wealth, historical places, cultures to the world.

Binyam said his company has on preparation to bring to the market in affordable price soon.

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