Sierra Leone: Comium Unveils Wigo Wireless Internet Service


In 2006 C-Data launched its best in class Wireless Broadband Internet network in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Within a short period of time, the company served more than 3,000 subscribers with efficient and affordable wireless Internet services.

Comium was able to secure more than ten Broadband Wireless licenses across Africa and Lebanon, thereby becoming the region's largest single wireless service provider. The division's mission is to develop and operate advanced internet and data communications services catering to the unmet needs and demands in the residential, small office home office (SoHo) and small and medium enterprises (SME) market segments.

C-Data goes beyond providing access to its subscribers, as the internet becomes an integrated part of the business process for corporate customers and an essential tool to maintain close ties with family and friends as part of the social network phenomena currently evolving through sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter.

Wigo is the new name for C-Data offering in Sierra Leone. Wigo enables a lifestyle of exploration on the go, it is also the ticket to discover the world wherever you are. Launching Wigo at Mamba Point, Ghassan Mroue said the internet will be a great help to the people of Sierra Leone. He said Wigo stands for wireless on the go, noting that Comium data believes in providing the best wireless network and contribute to the country economic.

Mroue said fixed wireless is suitable for an organization that normally requires dedicated bandwidth. Presenting the products, Senesie Kanneh said Comium is aspiring to empower people with new means of communication. He said they have the potable, fixed wireless and hotspot solutions for high density customer areas, providing instant Wi-Fi access to the internet. He said there is free WLAN setup within the customer premises, noting that the pricing varies from $45 to $380.