Computer News - In Brief


- The commercial value of unlicensed software installed on personal computers in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA), which excludes South Africa, reached $109 million in 2010 as 83 per cent of software deployed on PCs during the year was pirated. This stands at almost double the global piracy rate for PC software, which is 42 per cent, having risen by 3.6 points on the previous five year average.

- The Angolan government should withdraw the bill on information and communication technology crimes currently before parliament, Human Rights Watch said today. The proposed legislation would undercut both freedom of expression and information, and pose a severe threat to independent media, whistleblowers, and investigative journalism.

- The third part of the national ICT development plan is set to be rolled out at the beginning of July this year. This was confirmed by top officials at Rwanda Development Board (RDB). "Rwanda has had two five-year plans for its ICT development and previously, focus was on policy and rollout of infrastructure, which is what we have finished. The next course of action for five years is services,"said John Gara, CEO of RDB.

- The first phase of Ghana’s $30 million Data Centre and Wide Area Network (WAN) project which is over 95% complete will be ready by the end of July 2011, an official of the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) has said.