Computerisation of Tax Payments Planned in Mozambique


The computerization of tax payments will begin in the second half of this year, according to Hirminio Sueia, the director of the Studies, Strategic Planning and International Cooperation Office in the Mozambican Tax Authority (AT).

Sueia told AIM that the Mozambican government launched an international tender in mid-2008, to select the company that will provide the software for the "e-taxation" system, and will train staff to operate it. He said the company has now been selected (though he did not name it), and he expected a contract for the supply of software to be signed very soon.

In the pilot phase, the system will deal only with companies paying their corporation tax (IRPC). Through the e-taxation system, it will be possible to pay taxes online, or via a commercial bank. The company will no longer have to send a representative to pay the taxes in person at the nearest tax office.

Sueia said the AT wants to popularize the use of banks to pay taxes. As the commercial banks gradually set up offices in the districts, he expected an increasing number of companies to opt to use them for tax payment purposes.

"When this system is implemented, it will be easier for citizens", said Sueia, "because you can pay wherever you are. It has fewer costs for taxpayers, since they no longer have to travel to the traditional point of payment, and the money arrives more quickly in the state's coffers".

Once the computerization exercise is complete, the state will know the tax status of each taxpayer, whether an individual or a company, and can check how much they have paid and how much they owe.

Preliminary studies cited by Sueia indicate that setting up the e-taxation system will cost between 38 and 40 million US dollars.