Telkom South Africa confirms broadband speed upgrades


Telkom has finally confirmed officially that it’s in the process of upgrading most of its 512kbit/s asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) users to 1Mbit/s.

The telecommunications operator says it began upgrading the lines speeds on 1 May. “Telkom has completed most of the line conversions and will attend to the remaining subscribers during the month of June, where network conditions allow,” a company spokesman says in a statement in response to questions from TechCentral.

“Certain subscribers could not be upgraded due to the limitations of their existing technical infrastructure.” The speed boost for 512kbit/s users comes as some 4Mbit/s subscribers are upgraded to 10Mbit/s in areas served by Metro Ethernet technology.

Telkom says it has no immediate plans to upgrade consumers who subscribe to its entry level 384kbit/s product. The news comes just hours after Internet service provider MWeb announced it would not charge its customers more for uncapped ADSL access as Telkom upgrades 512kbit/s subscribers to 1Mbit/s.