Money – In Brief

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

- Telkom Kenya's Orange has entered into a partnership with Equity Bank to use the bank's 2,300 agencies across the country for its money transfer service as it seeks to draw more clients. At the moment Telkom Kenya has 450 Orange money agents across the country which has curtailed easy access to its services making it hard to net in more subscribers into this service.

- The next phase of Gateway Communications’ terrestrial network project for 2011 has now gone live in Malawi. The high speed system will ensure that carriers and customers in Malawi receive increased capacity that is high-quality and reliable. Malawi will also have direct access to capacity from Africa, instead of re-routing all connectivity needs through Europe.   All of the available capacity has already been sold, reflecting the demand from within Malawi for accessible connectivity. Gateway Communications is already looking to build on to the project later this year, allowing for further utilisation.