Most popular mobile phones and websites in South Africa in April 2011

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Opera's State of the Mobile Web for April 2011 report revealed interesting results about social media website usage in South Africa

Opera releases their State of the Mobile Web report every month, highlighting usage trends globally and in specific countries based on statistics gathered from Opera Mini users around the world. South Africa is one of the top-ranking Opera Mini using countries in the world, which means that it gets featured in the report every month.

Until recently, South Africa was also the top African nation in terms of Opera Mini usage, but Nigeria claimed the crown in last month's State of the Mobile Web report.

Although Nigeria remains ahead of SA in the April 2011 report, South Africa has overtaken China in terms of Opera Mini usage this month.

In this month's report, Opera specifically focused on social media usage in different countries. South Africa joins Indonesia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Turkey, Mexico and the Philippines as the countries where more more than half of all page views in Opera Mini go to Facebook.

South Africa and Indonesia ranked highest with 69% of all page views going to the most popular social networking site in those nations (Facebook) among Opera Mini users.
When it comes to the percentage of users that visited Facebook in April, Indonesia and the Philippines (77%) leave South Africa (59%) in the dust.

Opera provided the following snapshot of Opera Mini usage in South Africa for April 2011.

   1. Page-view growth since April 2010: 82.4 %
   2. Unique-user growth since April 2010: 67.7 %
   3. Data transfer growth since April 2010: 85.0 %
   4. Page-views per user: 393
   5. Data transferred per user (MB): 5
   6. Data transferred per page view (KB): 12

Top 10 sites in South Africa (unique users)

The top 10 websites visited by Opera Mini users in April 2011 were:

   5. (6)
   6. (5)
   9. (back on the list)
  10. (9)

Top handsets for April 2011

The most popular mobile phones in terms of Opera Mini usage in South Africa remain largely unchanged from March 2011.

   1. Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
   2. Nokia 2700c
   3. Nokia 2330c
   4. Samsung GT-S5233a
   5. Samsung SGH-E250i
   6. Nokia 2690
   7. Nokia C3
   8. Samsung SGH-E250
   9. Nokia 2710c
  10. Nokia 7100s