Better African bandwidth drives cloud services


The arrival of more stable bandwidth is proving critical to the uptake of cloud-based managed services across Africa, according to Kaseya. South African-based Kaseya Africa says it has witnessed a strong uptake of its automated IT systems management tools across the continent.

The company’s cloud-based solution in particular is seeing exceptional growth now that more stable, affordable bandwidth is being rolled out across the continent, it says. Garth Hayward, Kaseya’s regional manager for Africa, says there are various reasons for this strong adoption of the company’s solutions in Africa.

“It is tailored to suit the needs of the mid-market; it now integrates mobile, which is Africa’s main Internet access tool; and it helps companies manage more end-points with fewer staff – an important consideration in the light of skills shortages,” he says.

The company has been based in South Africa for three years, but Kaseya solutions are already managing over 150 000 computers in 85 companies. Seventy-two of these companies are managed service providers (MSPs) delivering services to over 3 000 companies.

This MSP model helps counter the skills shortage problem, says Hayward. Now, SMEs don’t maintain their systems on a break-fix model; they ensure that their systems never go down in the first place, eliminating costly delays in business.

Kaseya also believes another factor promising to accelerate its business is its latest solution, which integrates mobile management into the enterprise management systems. Mobile devices are increasingly in use by staff to access corporate networks, yet this is often done in an unregulated manner, adds Hayward.

He says: “The information that sits on these devices is gold. And employees use these devices to access all the critical corporate data. What happens if the user downloads a dangerous app? Leaves the company or has their device stolen? Mobile devices must be managed carefully –through the same systems management platform being used for all your other enterprise IT.”