The search is on for the Nigerian Mobileking

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As Mobile Operators roll out futuristic and Innovative Technologies like the 3G,there had been no corresponding developments in the mobile Value added services with real life Benefits.

Mobile Challenge is designed to be an annual mobile Value added services competition to seek out the developers and entrepreneurs that are creating new Value, new revenue and new innovative services for the mobile workforce and mobile lifestyle in Nigeria .

M-Challenge will serve as the industry benchmark recognition status for the selected few after meeting the rigorous technical and Business evaluation criteria. The goal is to identify new opportunities and build a sustainable mobile Value added ecosystem with real life benefits, exportable potentials, recognize the dynamics of the market and gather market information for mobile product portfolio decision making process.

The contest will focus on m-Banking, m-Commerce, e-govt, infotainment and Mobile marketing within the technology ranges of 2g to 3.5G.Educational institution, Mobile Vas content providers, content aggregates, application developers, and non governmental organization will be allowed to participate in proposal submission. The contest is aimed at Pre commercial mobile services.