Internet News - In Brief


- Minister of Information, Communication and Technology Nelsiwe Shongwe has observed that the Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) will triple bandwidth availability in the country shortly. Currently, bandwidth is at 150 megabit. Meanwhile, SPTC Managing Director Elijah Zwane said the organisation was making inroads into bringing more international internet bandwidth into the country through Maputo (Mozambique) and Mthunzini (South Africa).

- Zamtel has completed putting up the optic fibre network from Kazungula through Katimamulilo to the Namibian optic fibre network. This would allow access to the under sea cable with high internet and data capacity.

- A local online travel agency, Africa Point has partnered with Tupande Pamoja United Nations Environment Programme initiative to restore and conserve Mount Kenya. Under the partnership, the agency will donate one seedling for every 'Tweet' or Facebook 'Like' to be planted on the Mt Kenya water tower. To participate, one is required to 'Like' the Save Mount Kenya Facebook Page or 'Tweet' about the initiative through the official campaign page on the company website, click here to visit. For every Facebook Like or Tweet you make, Africa Point shall plant a seedling on your behalf. The project target Generation Y, who spend most of the time on the social media.